A Pair Of Dividend Increases – Pack n’ Ship

A Pair Of Dividend Increases – Pack n’ Ship

Before getting to today’s dividend increases, I thought I’d give you a brief update on the DDI Portfolio. It’s no secret thfedex delivers daily dividends income stream passive cash flowat the broader markets peaked about the 1st of May and with that, the DDI Portfolio had increased to just over $150k in total value. Painful as it is, I decided to check the value of the account yesterday. The good news was with yesterday’s small bounce, the portfolio had gained back $1200 for the day, but had come off of a low of about $140k after Monday’s declines.Dropping from $150k to $140k for the month of May, brings the short-term loss for my  portfolio to almost 7%. That’s an 84% drop on an annual basis  – ouch!

So what’s the point?

what point dividend capital gainFirst off – I think this shows that it’s usually a bad idea to take daily/weekly/monthly returns and extrapolate them into annual returns. Even during the crash of 2008, the average portfolio “only” dropped 50-60% – no where close to the 84% I quoted above.

Second – If you look back at the DDI portfolio earlier this year, it was valued in the $125-$130k range. Even with the drop in May, it’s clear that we’re still on a winning track.

Finally, I’ve said it a thousand times, but as an income portfolio, the DDI portfolio continues to generate $500-$600 per month in income, no matter what the underlying stocks do on a daily basis! That’s money that I’ll reinvest into more and more income producing stocks, that will generate more and more income…

Dividend Increases for Wednesday June 6, 2012

FedEx (ticker: FDX) – provides transportation, e-commerce, and business services in the United States and internationally in four segments: FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, and FedEx Services. FDX announced a $.01/share dividend increase in it’s quarterly payout – putting the new yield at a measly 0.7% yield.

public-storage-pays-dividends-cash-shareholders-passive-incomePublic Storage Preferred S (ticker: PSApS) – operates as a real estate investment trust (REIT), that engages in the acquisition, development, ownership, and operation of self-storage facilities in the United States and Europe. The preferred S shares of PSA now have a quarterly payout of $.3688/share, up just over $.04/share – giving investors a current dividend yield of 5.7%. These preferred shares are currently trading at a premium to their $25 call price – currently trading in the low $26 range. You’ll need to factor this potential capital LOSS in to your investment analysis before adding any shares of this self-storage play.

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That’s your daily round-up for Wednesday, June 6th – thanks for reading!

For my 2012 Year To Date Dividend Increases report  please click anywhere on the chart below.

Company Ticker Yield New Old Frequency
FedEx FDX 0.7% .14 .13 Quarterly
Public Storage Pr. S PSApS 5.7% .3688 .32778 Quarterly


Investment Considerations- Read Before Investing

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Bought: Public Storage Preferred F – PSA.F

Bought: Public Storage Preferred F – PSA.Fpublic storage dailydividendinvestor.com

After having my Wells Fargo Preferred (ticker: WSF) redeemed back in late April I had planned to sit tight on my new found cash and wait for a market pull back before redeploying any more funds. However, after reviewing my Investment Advisory Rules for the Daily Dividend Account I decided that I should put some cash back to work sooner rather than later.

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