How to remove *RISK* from your portfolio

risk reward seize day venture daily dividend investor income passive cash flow portfolioRISK – it’s such a scary word, especially right now.

We’d all like to remove risk, right? Nobody wants to think of their investments – their “nest egg”, whether they be in stocks, bonds, gold, real estate or fine art, ever going to $ZERO.

But we live with those fears everyday – some days more than others.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to invest a dollar and know that you are GUARANTEED to not only to get your original dollar back, but also get a  monster return of 12% interest with no chance of  loss what so ever?

Of course there’s no such investment – no matter how large or small the rate of return is, because you can never remove RISK. Remember even CASH has a risk, as inflation eats away at your purchasing power on a daily basis.

A good friend of mine who audits banks for a living often reminds me,  “You can never REMOVE risk, you can only MANAGE it.”

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Bought: Gladstone Investment Corp (ticker: gain)

Going for the Gain

gain detergent gladstone investment corp dividend increase business development companyIt’s time to buy some Gain. Not the Proctor & Gamble laundry detergent, but rather Gladstone Investment Corp. who’s ticker symbol is GAIN.

After reviewing yesterday’s list of dividend increases, Gladstone Investment Corp. caught my eye for a couple of reasons.

Number one of course is the above average payout which is hovering right around an 8% annual yield.

The second thing and perhaps even more important to the DDI portfolio is the fact that this is a MONTHLY dividend payer. That’s important to the DDI portfolio because it means cash will be flowing in on a more regular and constant basis which in turn allows the portfolio to re-invest funds all that much sooner.

But, can it all be that easy?…

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