2012 – The Year Of The Dividend

11 01 2012

Daily Dividend Investor Update

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2012 – The Year Of The Dividend

That’s right, 2012 is on track to see the largest dividend payouts of all time and it’s not too late for you to join in on the action!

cnbc daily dividends smart investing income blog year of the dividend 2012 .jpgThe New York Times published a piece today, titled, “Dividends Rise In Sign of Recovery” written by columnist Christine Hauser, that has since been syndicated by CNBC.

The article highlights the fact that many DOW favorites such as McDonald’s, Bristol Myers Squibb and Home Depot are continuing their long term trend of rewarding share holders with consistent dividend increases.

In the case of McDonald’s, shareholders saw a 15% increase in the dividend in 2011, keeping alive it’s streak of dividend increases every year since 1976. Bristol Myers Squibb which just announced it’s most recent dividend increase, payable on February 1, 2012,  has been paying it’s shareholders every year since 1933 – a 79 year tradition!

If you’ve been following along here at the Daily Dividend Investor for any amount of time you know that almost every day we continue to see company after company increase their dividend payout as the economy slowly, but surely, gains momentum.

The Numbers Look Good

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