How to remove *RISK* from your portfolio

risk reward seize day venture daily dividend investor income passive cash flow portfolioRISK – it’s such a scary word, especially right now.

We’d all like to remove risk, right? Nobody wants to think of their investments – their “nest egg”, whether they be in stocks, bonds, gold, real estate or fine art, ever going to $ZERO.

But we live with those fears everyday – some days more than others.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to invest a dollar and know that you are GUARANTEED to not only to get your original dollar back, but also get a  monster return of 12% interest with no chance of  loss what so ever?

Of course there’s no such investment – no matter how large or small the rate of return is, because you can never remove RISK. Remember even CASH has a risk, as inflation eats away at your purchasing power on a daily basis.

A good friend of mine who audits banks for a living often reminds me,  “You can never REMOVE risk, you can only MANAGE it.”

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What to buy?

daily dividend invests cash passive income silicon valley online trading

After the last few years of watching the Dow (DJIA) peak at 14,000 and then drop to the mid 6000’s it seems like buying stocks would be the last place to look for income. The reality is, even with the recent run up in the dow back above 11,000 there are still good opportunities.

Some might argue that bonds offer more security, but we’ve seen bonds (ala General Motors – GM ) go bust and I for one agree with the thought that a bubble is forming in the bond markets.

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