Markets Are Down – But Dividends Keep On Increasing

Markets Are Down – But Dividends Keep On Increasingfacebook daily dividend investment income stream passive payments

Even with the much anticipated Facebook IPO today, the US stock markets all logged another day of declines with the Dow down 73 points, the Nasdaq down 34 points and the S&P down 9 points, closing another loosing week for US stocks.

southwest airlines dividend increase friday may 18 daily investor passive income stream for lifeBut all is not lost – 11 companies announced dividend increases today including a 50% plus dividend increase from DDI portfolio holding Southwest Airlines (ticker: LUV). Other notable names include Northrop Grumman (ticker: NOC), Primerica (ticker: PRI) and Xcel Energy (ticker: XEL).


Today’s Dividend Increases

Here’s a quick list of today’s winners with dividend increases:

Company Ticker Yield New Old Frequency
Holly Frasier HFC 2.1% .15 .10 Quarterly
Insperity NSP 2.7% .17 .15 Quarterly
Northrup Grumman NOC 3.8% .55 .50 Quarterly
Pacific Continental PCBK 2.6% .06 .05 Quarterly
Pennsylvania REIT PEI 5.0% .16 .15 Quarterly
Primerica PRI 0.8% .05 .03 Quarterly
Republic Bancorp Cl A RBCAA 3.1% .165 .154 Quarterly
Southwest Airlines LUV 0.5% .01 .0045 Quarterly
Spartan Stores SPTN 1.8% .08 .065 Quarterly
Wabtec WAB 0.3% .05 .03 Quarterly
Xcel Energy XEL 4.0% .27 .26 Quarterly

Quiet like a mouse…

The Daily Dividend Investor Has Been Quiet Like A Mouse…

Things around the Daily Dividend Investor have been a bit quiet lately. Perhaps you’ve noticed that I’ve started migrating the site over to a hosted WordPress solution.

erica dot biz daily dividend investor income passive cash flow equity stock purchase lifelong freedomThanks to Erica Douglass over at : (who writes one of my all-time favorite blogs) – she recently hooked me up with great a 50% off all hosting plans disount at Hostgator (! I signed up for their “Baby Plan” which lets me host unlimited sites for 2 years for $100! I figured I couldn’t beat the price and I’d heard really great things about their service so I went for it.

I’ve spent the last week or so working on bringing up a few sites including Daily Dividend Investor and I have to say that it’s been easier than I ever expected. Although I still have a lot to learn – I haven’t even begun to implement 10% of the tools they provide for building, maintaining and growing your own web site. If you’re in the market to setup a site – you should definitely check them out. If you have questions about setting up a new blog or site on Hostgator, drop me a line and I’ll do what I can to help you. Remember, to succeed you must take action! I wish I had made the move sooner.

Other musings…

cash piles up daily dividend investor wsop cashflow income stream lifeWhile I’ve been focusing my time on the technical side of things, the DDI portfolio has been quietly churning away, building up cash, which as of today is just shy of $600, at $598 and change.

I’ll be making my planned capital additions for November and December in the next few days which will bring the cash balance up closer to $3000 – priming the portfolio to add new positions when the time is right.

A Positive Market

Because the stock market has been moving upward over the last few days, I’m not in a big hurry stocks rise christmas santa claus rally bull market daily dividend investor passive income stream lifetimeto add to my positions. Several positions have recently announced dividend increases, so the portfolio continues to gain momentum even with no new asset purchases. As the European debt crisis continues to work towards a positive solution, it appears that the US Markets will likely continue this “melt-up” process we’ve seen over the last couple of weeks.

In the mean time as the broader market rises, I’m spending some time looking for undervalued dividend stocks that I can deploy my cash into sooner rather than later. As bank savings and CD rates remain low and continue to trend lower, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find the quality dividend assets, but I’m still looking.


bulls eye daily dividend investor focus results passive income stream life cash flowAs I refocus my efforts on finding those hidden dividend producing gems, I’ll be providing more daily updates of the stocks that have announced recent increases – I find it to be a great way to discover small to mid-size niche companies that have long track records of competent and conservative financial management.

Stay tuned… won’t be disappointed.

While you were out…

Remind me not take any more vacations!

When I left last week the DOW was sitting comfortably at 12,500 and here we are today looking at 11,866 at thewhile you were out daily dividend investor finds new ways passive income today close.  634 points or 5% in less than a week’s time!

The bright side (there’s always a bright side) is that we can start looking for some bargains.

Perhaps I’ll be able to pick up those shares of Caterpillar (ticker: CAT) that I spoke of a month ago. While we wait for the US government to finalize a debt ceiling deal, I’m guessing this is not the end of all the selling in this market – let the bargain hunting begin!

While you were out…

While I was out the DDI portfolio generated another $124.85 in income which brings my cash balance to just over $1000.00. I should be able to pick up 2 or 3 good new positions or possibly add to my existing positions.

New near-term goals

Now that I’m comfortable with the diversification of the portfolio I’m going to focus less on adding new positions and have decided to implement the following two short term goals:

  • Begin “topping off” existing positions to reach even 100 share increments
  • Focus on adding to higher yielding positions (primarily positions with 5% or greater yield)
topping off passive income daily dividend investor portfolioBy “topping off” existing positions I’m  setting up the portfolio to begin implementing a covered-call option strategy to increase monthly returns by selling option contracts.
In addition, by focusing on the higher yielding stocks I’m hoping to pump up the DDI portfolio’s overall return in the shorter term. With talk of a double-dip and possible weakening economy I’m taking a risk that these higher yielding plays may be more susceptible to dividend reductions should their revenues be adversely affected.
My take is that the average investor is still seeking out above average yields by investing in equities – specifically those in the 5-7% range. Why 5-7%? Primarily, because investors typically search for yields above 3% to beat inflation, while trying to maintain some sense of “safety” by staying below a percieved danger zone above 7%.
Do you enjoy following along as I build the Daily Dividend Investor portfolio? Take a moment and subscribe to my email sign up daily dividend investor passive income email list daily portfolionotifications and you’ll get notified as I continue to work the portfolio. Don’t worry, I hate spam as much as you do and won’t sell or give away your info!
And remember, feel free to drop me a line anytime – I’d love to hear about your passive income journey!

Stocks + Fireworks = Explosive week of gains

Stocks + Fireworks = Explosive week of gainsfireworks daily dividend investor explosive gains

You know by now that the main focus of the DDI portfolio is (daily) income generation, but with a week like this, the Capital Appreciation that we saw is always always a nice side benefit. The DOW started the week at 11,943 and with 5 straight days of solid gains ended the week at 12,582 for a total gain of 639 points. On a percentage basis the index rose a whopping 5.3%!

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Happy Birthday DDI portfolio!

Happy Birthday DDI portfolio!

happy birthday 1st year daily dividend investor income portfolio cash flowThe Daily Dividend Investor portfolio celebrated it’s first birthday a few days ago on June 1st, 2011 and boy did it have something to celebrate! The total return for the portfolio year over year, was a very respectable showed an unrealized capital gain of 19.6%.

When I started the portfolio back on June 1, 2010 it was valued at $108,137.75. One short year later, on May 31, 2011 the DDI portfolio had risen to $129,381.65 for a total gain of $21,243.90. I am very happy with this performance (who wouldn’t be?) and I’m encouraged that the daily income generated continues to grow. But there’s always a little more to the story….

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Bought: Pfizer (ticker: PFE)

Bought: Pfizer (ticker: PFE)pfizer stock daily dividend investor

As normally happens during the end of the month / beginning of the month, the portfolio generates a surge of income, so I found I had a little extra cash. After a late day rally yesterday pushing the Dow (ticker: ^DJI) up a little over 120 point, the market is down today, about 200+ points as I write this. With this abrupt sell-off I thought today might be a good day to put some of that new found cash back to work.

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What to buy?

daily dividend invests cash passive income silicon valley online trading

After the last few years of watching the Dow (DJIA) peak at 14,000 and then drop to the mid 6000’s it seems like buying stocks would be the last place to look for income. The reality is, even with the recent run up in the dow back above 11,000 there are still good opportunities.

Some might argue that bonds offer more security, but we’ve seen bonds (ala General Motors – GM ) go bust and I for one agree with the thought that a bubble is forming in the bond markets.

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