How Many Monthly Dividend Paying Stocks?

How Many Monthly Dividend Paying Stocks?

I took a few minutes this morning and did a search to find how many stocks make a monthly dividend payment. Take a look at this quick video to find out how many monthly dividend stocks are out there – you might be surprised!

I’ll be keeping an updated list of individual companies that pay monthly dividends on the Monthly Dividend Payers Page. 

2 thoughts on “How Many Monthly Dividend Paying Stocks?

  1. Are you still doing this. I am thinking about doing this. We are so far in debt we are looking for a better way to make a steady income to go along with our jobs…

    1. Hi LaQoya…yep, still working my plan to build daily income. Haven’t blogged much but hope to add more content soon.
      Check out my latest post – I just added to the portfolio last week. You can read more here:

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