Dividend Increases For Tuesday, May 22, 2012 – Technology Drives The Economy

Dividend Increases For Tuesday, May 22, 2012 – Technology Drives The Echewlett packard increase daily dividend passive income stream cash flowing brokeronomy

Anyone who lives in or around Silicon Valley will tell you – “Tech is back.” The morning commute is a parking lot, home prices are rising and many people who were out of work for 2 years or more are now working again. While it’s a far cry from the Tech Boom of the early 2000’s, we’re seeing many signs that the tech companies of Silicon Valley are heating up again.

meg whitman increases dividend payout hp shareholders daily investor passive incomeHewlett-Packard (ticker: HPQ) showed investors today that it remains confident about it’s  business prospects by announcing a 10% increase in their quarterly dividend. Interestingly enough, rumors have been swirling over the last few days about a possible layoff of 10,000 or more at the tech giant. While the layoffs would be a blow to current HP employees, Meg Whitman appears committed to increasing shareholder value.


Talk Back

To all of you who’ve written me recently, I want to thank you for your input and feedback. I’ve had a number of family issues that have taken up the majority of my time of late, but hope that now I can get back to focusing on the DDI portfolio and blog once again. As always, I’d love to hear from you, so please drop me a line and let me know if you have questions or just want to share about your own investing or income portfolio. Thanks!

You can reach me at: dailydividendinvestor@gmail.com

Investment Considerations- Read Before Investing

As always when evaluating investment opportunities it’s important to keep in mind not only smart investing ideas daily dividend investor dividendguy considerations  income stream portfolio stocks retiree passive cashflow mutual funds the fundamentals of the stock itself, but also how the holding entity (Limited Partnership,Royalty TrustMaster Limited PartnershipBusiness Development CompanyPreferred Stock) may affect the way you report income on your annual tax return as well as the amount or percentage of tax  you will be required to pay. Adding shares of any of these special entities to tax deferred / retirement accounts may also present additional issues.

Remember to review all of the fundamentals of any company BEFORE investing – do not simply buy a stock based on the dividend payout. If you have further questions about any stock mentioned her you should first consult with your CPA or tax planner / advisor before making any investments.

For more detailed information about all of today’s dividend increases please refer to the chart below.

Company Ticker Yield New Old Frequency
Hewlett-Packard HPQ 2.4% .132 .12 Quarterly
Permian Basin* PBT 8.6 .1375 .11128 Monthly
Span-America Medical Systems SPAN 2.8% .125 .11 Quarterly


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