Monthly Income Update: October 2011


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Monthly Income Update: October 2011october daily dividend investor update pumpkin lights passive cash flow stream

Just like a diet or a workout routine, when I look back over the last few months I continue to be amazed by the progress that the DDI portfolio continues to make with only small adjustments here and there.

Not only has the NAV (net asset value) of the portfolio remained fairly stable, the dividend stream continues to increase.

Since October is the first month of the quarter I’m most interested in comparing the results this month to April and July, the previous “first” month reports.

To say that I’m pleased with the performance of the portfolio would be an understatement, as October brought in $448.85 in passive dividend income! Compare that with $408.74 in July and $398.38 in April for an increase of over 10% from previous quarters.

I believe that I am now only a few months away from reaching my goal of $500/month in passive income. Because many of the holdings within the portfolio often increase their payouts, it’s only a matter of time before I can completely check this goal off my list.

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