Back from vacation – the cash keeps on flowing…

Back from vacation – the cash keeps on flowing…disney wonder dividend investor daily cash flow income stream passive

My family just returned from a 2 week vacation in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska Cruise on the Disney Wonder. We visited the Space Needle in Seattle, Stanley Park in Vancouver and enjoyed a great trip sailing up the inside passage of Alaska to some great ports including Skagway, Juneau, Ketchikan as well as seeing the fantastic glacier at Tracy Arm.

relax vacation daily dividend investor passive cash flow gold mine claim klondike rush strike richAfter taking this trip I’ve realized how important it is to take a break from day to day life and all the stress that comes with it, from making a living, to paying bills and just taking care of all those “little things” seem to keep us busy from day to day. While I was away Itravel alaska daily dividend passive cash flow gold mine claim quartz creek klondike rush had very little internet or cell phone access, which overall was a good thing as it allowed me to truly relax and clear my mind. I’m excited to get back home and get back to business, and I’ve got a bunch of new ideas for making 2011 a great year.

Back Home Again

One of the best parts of coming back home was realizing that while I was away, the Daily Dividend Income portfolio was still busy churning out passive cash flow. From June 4th through the 15th the portfolio generated $249.34 which is right on track for hitting the current monthly income target of $500.00/month. That brings the current cash account balance to $671.74 and should approach $1000 by the end of June.

caterpillar daily dividend investment cash flow gold mine claim alaska

The Next Investment

With this cash on hand I’ll now begin searching out where to deploy these new funds. Back in May as the market was approaching a peak I liquidated partial positions in a few of the portfolio’s holdings – including 1/2 of my shares in Caterpillar (ticker: CAT). With the Dow’s recent pull back to the sub- 12,000 range I am looking to re-enter some of these positions. Caterpillar is currently trading around $96/share, and while I would consider buying here, I’d like to see if I can pick it up closer to $90/share. Tomorrow is triple-witching day as options expire and volatility often increases. With that in mind, tomorrow may provide a good opportunity to add to the portfolio. Time will tell…

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