Bought: Pfizer (ticker: PFE)

Bought: Pfizer (ticker: PFE)pfizer stock daily dividend investor

As normally happens during the end of the month / beginning of the month, the portfolio generates a surge of income, so I found I had a little extra cash. After a late day rally yesterday pushing the Dow (ticker: ^DJI) up a little over 120 point, the market is down today, about 200+ points as I write this. With this abrupt sell-off I thought today might be a good day to put some of that new found cash back to work.

When I started the portfolio back in 2008, one of my main objectives was to search out secure, long-term dividend paying companies. As the portfolio grew over several years, I moved some money into slightly riskier stocks with a little higher yield, world wrestling daily dividend investorsuch as World Wrestling Entertainment (ticker: WWE). When I buy a stock like WWE I know that there is a risk the dividend could be cut or eliminated, luckily in the case of WWE, it was only recently cut, not canceled.

Now as the market and the economy as a whole is showing signs of slowing, my intention is to move back towards large-cap type stocks that may offer a more secure dividend yield. Since no onesafe stock income daily dividend investor knows the future, my purchases as based on past performance and as such, even choosing to put money in so-called “safe” large-cap stocks may also backfire – but that’s part of the risk of investing.

Today I decided to look for a large-cap stock that I did not already own, preferably with an annualized yield above 3%. posted an article today with the current yields of the DOW components.

10 stocks have current yields above 3%:

  • T – AT&T   5.45%
  • VZ – Verizon   5.28%
  • MRK – Merck   4.14%
  • PFE – Pfizer   3.73%
  • INTC – Intel   3.73%
  • JNJ – Johnson & Johnson   3.39%
  • KFT – Kraft Foods   3.32%
  • PG – Proctor & Gamble   3.13%
  • DD – DuPont   3.08%
  • GE – General Electric   3.05%

After reviewing today stock yield daily dividend investoreach of these stocks and eliminating those that are already in the portfolio, I chose to pickup 15 shares of Pfizer (ticker: PFE). Because the market is so bumpy right now, it’s hard to determine whether to hold off or to buy now – although ultimately the objective of the portfolio is income, so as long as I have additional cash to deploy should the market move lower, I am ok with deploying a small amount now on today’s pull-back.

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