Monthly Income Update: April 2011

Monthly Income Update: April 2011

monthly dividend cash flow reportThis month’s income numbers for the Daily Dividend Investor portfolio are in. The portfolio generated $398.38 for the month of April which is $101.62 short of the monthly target income number of $500.00/month. The first month of each quarter is traditionally the weakest as fewer companies pay out a dividend this early in the quarter.

In the early part of the quarter, the portfolio relies primarily on the monthly income producers to generate the majority of the income stream.  The monthly income producers include  Realty Income (ticker: O) and the oil and gas royalty income trusts such as Sabine (ticker: SBR), Permian Basin Royalty Trust (ticker: PBT) and San Juan Basin Royalty Trust (ticker: SJT).

This month thcash dollar bills daily dividend investore portfolio also saw a return of capital of $1250.00. This was a result of the redemption of 50 shares of Wells Fargo 7% Capital Preferred Security (ticker: WSF) as I mentioned in the April 29th post.

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